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  i am currently most inspired by work that attempts to address the unyielding growth of our cities. more often than not, i find myself looking towards the progressive models found in europe. to these ends, i hope to continue to build on my professional design experience while contributing to the architectural and urban design professions.
08.1998 to 02.2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
master of architecture, 02.2001.
08.1994 to 05.1996 University of California, Berkeley.
undergraduate major in architecture,
minor in structural engineering.
b.a. architecture, 05.1996.
08.1991 to 08.1994 Los Angeles Pierce College.
undergraduate major in architecture.
  work experience
06.1999 to present
various periods
Amie Gross Architects. New York, NY.
>project management.
>project programming and analysis.
>schematic design/development of commercial/retail projects.
>schematic design/development of multi-family housing.
>preparation of presentation and construction drawings.
>information technologies coordination.
02.2001 to 05.2001 Paul Lukez Architecture. Boston, MA.
>freelance 3d visualization.
>freelance preparation of construction drawings.
05.2000 to 08.2000 Ove Arup Partnership, ARUP Research & Development. London, England.
>website design and maintenance.
>preparation of presentation documents.
>3d visualization and graphic design.
04.1996 to 09.1998
Hunt, Hale & Associates. San Francisco, CA.
>project management.
>construction administration.
>schematic design/development of single and multi-family housing.
>preparation of presentation and construction drawings.
05.1998 to 07.1998 AG Architecture. San Rafael, CA.
>preparation of construction drawings.
09.1993 to 08.1994 Martin B. Gelber, FAIA & Associates. Santa Monica, CA.
>development of presentation drawings and models.
>preparation of construction drawings.
>general projects.
  teaching experience
01.1999 to 05.2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
teaching assistant:
>urban transformations workshop.
>structural morphology workshop.
>4.101, undergraduate design studio.
>building structural systems 2.
>building structural systems 1.
10.2001 Archipro Digital Vision Design Competition.
>1st Place - single project entry (M.Arch thesis), student category.
>2nd Place - portfolio entry, student category.
  web design + development
03.2002 George Barnes Flowers.
>visit website: www.georgebarnesflowers.com
>design and development of first web presence for small neighborhood flower shop.
>site employs open ended scripting and ASP databases for ease of maintenance.
>graphics lay foundation for very visual medium.
>large image files, code forks, and 100% flash-free.
>browser compatibility: nav 4.0 or later, ie 4.0 or later, opera 5.0 or later. no visual variation.
12.2001 Amie Gross Architects.
>visit website: www.agarchitect.com
>design and development of first web presence for small New York City architectural firm.
>firm specializes in work for non-profit organizations.
>site employs the simplicity of a white canvas and color splash to aid in navigation and presentation.
>browser compatibility: 4.0 browsers and later. some visual variation.
  all other professional web design work has been done for internal sites (intranet) at ARUP Research and Development. the sites worked on included the ARUP Research and Development home page and the eARUP information page. access to these sites from external sources is forbidden. personal and thesis web design can be viewed from my home page at www.mjewell.com.
  computer experience
  windows NT networks + pc, autocad 2000 + R14, 3d studio max + viz, vectorworks, lightscape, photoshop 5.5, quarkxpress, pagemaker, powerpoint, multiframe, flash 5.0, dreamweaver 4.0, ASP Databases, java, javascript, dhtml, html script.
  other experience
11.1989 to 04.1996 i worked as a picture framer parttime for seven years beginning in high school. the experience has proven invaluable and forced the early development of a ⡰hic eye.䨥 experiences with proportion and especially color still continue to inform all aspects of my work today.
  it used to be that my passion for mountainbiking dominated my interests. still adjusting to east-coast terrain, i find my mountain bike collecting dust. my current obsessions include urban density, web design/development and scripting my own bits. i also enjoy basketball and traveling abroad.
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